Developing cost effective & reliable Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle refuelling systems.

The Consortium

The H2REF-DEMO consortium is composed of seven partners from three European countries (France, Germany and Italy) bringing together the key experience, knowled… 

Seven partners

H2REF-DEMO Meeting / demonstration in UTC

H2REF-DEMO Meeting/demonstration in UTC…

H2REF – DEMO Project

Compared to previous H2REF project , H2REF-DEMO aims to further develop and scale up by a factor of 5 the innovative compression concept developed in H2REF, in order to address large vehicle refuelling applications requiring hydrogen to be dispensed at rates of hundreds of kg/h, such as bus fleet refuelling every evening at the bus depot, truck refuelling, and train refuelling.

Thanks to demonstrating the process during one year for commercial 35 MPa refuelling of trucks, the project will bring to TRL7 the disruptive compression technology previously developed in the H2REF project and already validated for 70 MPa refuelling of light duty vehicles. 


The H2REF-DEMO project addresses the development of a High Capacity Compression Module performing bladder accumulator based compression in accordance with the operating principle for compression of produced hydrogen for storage, and for compression of stored hydrogen for 35 MPa high capacity dispensing.
In both cases, there are two compression stages. In each stage, compression is performed by repeated and alternating compression of two “transfer barrier” bladder accumulators.


Full scale refueling of buses or trucks will be performed at HRS facility (near Grenoble, France) by interfacing the HCCM with an existing dispenser. Refueling with real life applications during one year. 

Test results demonstrating 35 MPa dispensing at 150 kg/h from H2 storage down to 50 bar, with an overall consumption of less than 3.5 KWh/kg.
Demonstration of durability of bladder accumulatorbased compression at scale through at least 500 hours of accelerated continuous testing. 
A full scale optimised refueling station prototype demonstrated for the commercial 35 MPa refueling of trucks during a full year.
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